Services We Provide

Alliance Tax & Accounting Service will generate your Profit & Loss Statement quickly, honestly, and accurately, which will allow you to instantly Analyze Your Business with numbers you can trust.

Immediately Spot Potential Problems before they become crises.  Identify Potential Profitable Trends that your business should exploit.  Recognize Areas for Improvement that need to be acted upon today.  Use your precious time to grow your business and gain new clients.

We provide timely and useful financial information on a regular basis to enable our clients to make Sound Business Decisions and pay the Lowest Amount Possible in Taxes.

The value we bring to the table includes seeing Patterns Emerge, and Quickly Identifying Common Mistakes.  We see so many examples of what solutions might exist, we communicate, and know how to Implement the Solutions.

Know your numbers. Know what they mean. Make better decisions

Accounting & Tax Service

  • Compliance Reporting

Compilation Reports – Balance Sheet, Income Statement (P&L), Statement of Cash Flow
Financial Review Reports

  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Analysis – One page Statistical Analysis

Liquidity Ratios
Equity Ratios
Cash Flow Ratios

  • Business Personal Property Tax Forms
  • Sales Tax Forms
  • Up to one-hour Monthly Consultation
  • Estimated income Tax Projections
  • Personal Tax Returns Prepared, Billed Separately

Not-for-Profit Accounting Services

  • Accounting and Tax Service
  • Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping/Write-up work
  • Reporting to finding sources and Board of Directors

Audit Representation

  • Represent the client before the Internal Revenue Service, State Dept. of Revenue, State Dept. of Workforce Development
  • Audit Protection Services

Tax Planning Services

  • Advanced Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Quantifiable tax savings
  • Entity Selection
  • Income Shifting
  • Expense Shifting
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Tax Credits
  • Investment tax advice

Tax Projection Services - Current Year

  • Projecting Tax Liability for Current Year
  • Written Tax Projection for Current Year
  • Discussion on Reducing Tax Liability for Current Year