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How did this happen to me?

Unfiled tax returns will always catch up with you, and they can carry a criminal misdemeanor with them. Financial fines, fees, and penalties add up, and before you know it, you’re getting letters from the state and federal government.

What’s going to happen if I’m in tax trouble?

The state and IRS use collection tactics like wage garnishment (taking money from your paycheck before it ever gets to you) and even bank levies (requiring your bank to turn over any money deposited into your account) to get their money. Even if you demonstrate that your current income and expenses make paying these fees a hardship for you, you’ll be classified as “currently not collectible,” but you’ll continue to accrue penalties and interest on your debt.

How can you help me get out of this mess?

Installment Agreement

The IRS and state agencies offer a payment installment plan called an installment agreement, which lets you make smaller, more manageable payments (this does however continue to accrue interest and penalties). We can help you set up an installment agreement with the state or IRS to begin rectifying your situation.

Penalty Abatement

The state and IRS charge a higher interest rate than most banks and even some credit card companies, which means it might feel like you’re getting nowhere while you’re paying installments. We can file for penalty abatement on your behalf, which could significantly reduce or even eliminate your late payment penalties and interest.

Offer In Compromise

If you owe more money than you think you’ll ever be able to pay back, an offer in compromise (or OIC) might be a viable option for you. Our tax professionals will be able to assess if you’re a good candidate for this program, and advise you of alternate solutions if it isn’t a good fit for your specific situation.

Audit Representation

If during this process, the state or IRS decides to audit your prior year tax returns, you can count on us to provide audit representation, dealing directly with the IRS or state ageincies so you don’t have to.

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