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Success Stories

Jeff Riedl

My wife and I are extremely grateful that we were able to work with the team at Alliance to help get our paperwork up to date with the state. From the very beginning, we were treated with respect, given every opportunity to get our questions answered thoroughly, and the staff took every action necessary to help us get caught up as quickly as possible.

Arthur has done his best to ensure that we have been treated fairly, our interests remain protected, and we are happy that the team at Alliance will continue to be our “go to” for everything related to our taxes and accounting!

Angela Kullman

My husband and I are self-employed artists. As a result of the pandemic, large events were canceled and our ability to sell our work disappeared. Throughout the spring, various ‘relief packages’ popped up. We had to figure out if we qualified for any of them and figure out the pros/cons and legal implications of each. Arthur helped us make sense of the chaos and pointed us in the best direction. He interpreted information about the brand new relief packages and figured out how they might best help us in our unconventional employment situation. We are very, very grateful for his expertise.

Lisa Schrems

Arthur and his staff were very attentive to our needs. Arthur took the time to listen to our story and explain to us the process one step at a time. I would recommend Alliance Tax to anyone who needs help with the IRS.

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